The Cosmic Garden

Work in progres by Lisa Sofia Larsson

In danish, the word garden originally meant the enclosed, an outline or territory that protects us from climatic conditions, such as the strong sea winds of Jutland or the sweeping sands of Arabia.
The word Cosmos means ornament, jewelry, order, world order, the world, and universe.
By combining the two words actual garden, the vegetable garden, the monastery garden, the paradise garden, the functional garden, the ecological garden, the biodynamic garden, the Zen garden, the adventurous garden, the biotope, with the word cosmos, it becomes a larger concept, a complex term.
In principle it could expand and include the universe. A whole galaxy could be seen as a garden in itself, in a larger universe. We know very little about what other galaxies really contain. In our planetary dimension a garden is recognized as containing geology, stone, mineral and crystal, biology, and organic life, a variety of plants, bacteria, oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, methane, ….. all in a human made form, a preference or a matter of taste.
The fusion of earth, water, air and sunlight is the basic biological element of our existence. It is the base and grounding of the planet that we live on.
It is the intention of my vision of The Cosmic Garden to widen our understanding towards a cosmic consciousness, which is the feeling of resonance and being part of Planet Earth and the universe at the same time. Understanding that our consciousness is linked to the forces of the cosmos.
The possibility of change is connected to our collective fantasy and consciousness.It is by awakening our global consciousness that we can choose the kind of garden we wish to live in, on Planet Earth, here in our Solar system.

For the first time evolution has become conscious of itself and what it wants is "wholeness"